Our Organization

Who We Are
Earth Day Southern Tier is a local, all volunteer, program of the Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow. We are dedicated to environmental conservation by providing education, information and the opportunity to dialogue with knowledgeable people about environmental issues.

How We Do This
We do this primarily through Earth Fest, our annual celebration which takes place in April and is one of the longest running, continuous celebrations of World Wide Earth Day. We also host Eco-Tours demonstrating ecologically friendly structures and building materials used in homes or businesses.

Why We Do This
Our vision is to become a leader in bringing together and showcasing technologies, businesses, community groups and government agencies as well as individuals and related entities in various environmental fields to provide the information and education needed for an individual or community to make a significant, positive change to the environment.

In addition, we provide financial support to the annual Envirothon competition, the Broome County Soil and Water Conservation District, the Northeast Organic Farming Association as well as other organizations and individuals who provide and/or promote positive environmental impact.

In 2017, we became a program of the Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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Our History

Earth Day Southern Tier was established in 1990 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. We have held our annual Earth Fest in a variety of venues. The history below gives a feel for what the fest was, is, and can be!

Ross Park Zoo
- A week of celebration ends in a weekend of rain and a wonderful festival at the zoo.
1991 - Speakers at Binghamton University from Alaska focus on experiences of the Native American population in the region.
1992 - Model Community Project features green homes, buildings, and exhibits.

Grippen Ice Rink
- Fest is postponed for one week due to flooding. Events include landfill tours and US Postal Service Earth Day stamp.
1994 - The Blue Planet highlights our groundwater, streams, rivers, and oceans.
1995 - Trees is the theme for the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day; additional USPS Earth Day stamp.
1996 - Our Earth, Our Home with Earth Week at Binghamton University and presentation by writer/activist Lois Gibbs.

Roberson Museum and Science Center
-At the Confluence showcases the unique position of Binghamton at the intersection of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers. Author and speaker Rick Marsi signs copies of his new book.
1998 - Eco Café features live music and organic food buffet.
1999 - Exploring the diverse topography and biology along the river; the Eco Café returns.
2000 - Live shows by the Ithaca troupe “Compost Theater”; local authors sign copies of newly released works.
2001 - Variety performer Jack Golden, aka Dr. T., in “Garbage is my Bag”; also a live bee colony.
2008 - Inaugural River Trails Bicycle Cruise to Otsiningo Park along with the usual but never ordinary selection of musicians, performers, activities, and food in a neighborhood setting.

Heritage Country Club
- Native American opening ceremony, vegetarian food buffet, alternative building methods.

Broome Community College Ice Rink
- Dr. T. returns, bio-diesel vehicles on site.
2004 - Events include the Drumcliffe Irish Dancers, Native American crafts, magic shows.
2005 - Bio-diesel and alternative fuel vehicles and solar cars produced by area high school students.
2006 - Demonstrations and discussions concerning alternative building methods.
2007 - Straw bale presentation area constructed and utilized on-site.

MacArthur Park and School
2009 – Earth Day Southern Tier’s 20th anniversary celebration included the 2nd Annual River Trails Bicycle Cruise and the naming of Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo as the Fest’s honorary chair.
2010 - Theme was “Healthy Planet, Healthy People.” The 3rd annual River Trails Bicycle Cruise and live outdoor music ranging from indie rock to New Orleans jazz.
2011 - Award-winning documentary “The Economics of Happiness” was shown along with a continuation of recycling of white goods in Gary’s rolloff 4th annual River Trails Bike cruise. Six bands played life outdoors while Scott and Dave Bagg performed acoustic sets in the Nezuntoz Deli.
2012 - The 23rd annual Earth Fest scheduled for the MacArthur Park and School was cancelled due to extensive damage done by spring flooding.

SUNY Broome

2013-2019 - Earth Fest moves back to SUNY Broome, EDST partnering with the college, Ross Park Zoo, the Discovery Center, and Roberson Museum.


2020-2021 For the first time in 30 years, the live Earth Fest was canceled.

Virtual Earth Fest

2021 A virtual Earth Fest was held featuring speakers on a variety of topics concerning the environment.

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